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Ryan Xristopher’s Tiny Jukebox – October 15

Ryan Xristopher’s Tiny Jukebox – Oct 15, 2009
Very much influenced by the performances I saw at the Decibel Festival, here are the artists I’ve put on repeat this week, not in any particular order. – Ryan Xristopher
1. Flying Lotus

Los Angeles – I’ve probably listened to this album once per day, just to reset my ears. I’ve never heard anything quite like it. It defies even a basic description, so you’re going to have to figure this one out on your own.

2. Daedelus

A Gent Agent – Baroque electronica, barely-controlled noise, forget any conceptions you have about tempo and style, heavily processed sampling, occasionally feeling like sheet music got thrown into a industrial clothes dryer. Don’t be scared. Have at it.

3. Mary Anne Hobbs

Wild Angels – Some of the tracks in here are a little much for me, but I found myself putting this album on again and again, listening for combinations of textures that are outside of my normal realm of musical-emotional experience. These are the stutters and shudders of people looking for something new

4. The Gaslamp Killer & Mary Anne Hobbs

Low End Theory Podcast Episode #7- This is another one of those non-explainable ones. You’ll love it or you’ll hate it; but you’ll miss out if you ignore it.

5. Noah Pred

Thoughtless Transmissions podcast – For those of you looking for more thoughtful and less cookie-cutter melodic sets, check out these podcasts. Some are a little rough around the edges, others touch on truly exceptional … Thoughtless Music also has some excellent releases available on Beatport.

6. Nosaj Thing

Drift – Your few first few listens might find this album a little plain, but the further you dig in, the more you can get out of it. “Caves” is a good representation of the depths possible that midtempo grooves can take you to.

7. Damian Lazarus

Smoke the Monster Out – Listening to this album was my main inspiration to create a set if artist albums more concerned with expression than status quo. It is easily my favorite album of 2009. “Neverending” is as amazing as it is raw. Be sure to check out Damian’s “Lazpod” if you haven’t already listened to them all.

8. Danny Howells

Renaissance: The Mix Collection – This 2CD set from a while back is a reminder about what makes some music classic. A few of the tracks miss the mark a little, but overall, Danny takes you on a balanced journey, showcasing music that stands the test of time.

9. Christian Martin

FACT Mix 73 – This one came out a little while ago, but it’s still a standby for me. This is probably my favorite mix of Christian’s to date. The Dirtybirds found their sound, and that sound makes me happy. Listen for the track at around 35 minutes in … !

10. Dethklok

Dethalbum II – Brendon Small holds a unique place within my basket of musical icons. The fact that his latest album is the 15th best selling CD in the country right now is a testament to his vision. I’ll let you all figure out why Dethklok’s success is particularly inspiring. Happy digging! A quick quote from Brendon –

“I’m both happy and humiliated that DETHALBUM 2 reached number 15. Happy because we beat the first DETHALBUM numbers and humiliated to have been beaten by our second album numbers by ourselves. Either way we’re still not as good as the Archies and I never want to forget that. Having said all of that, dear god I am fantastic and talented.”

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